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The Book of Joshua gives an astonishing account of dynamic and effective leadership.  From the loyalty of the servant Joshua to the royalty of great success.  This book is filled with powerful insights on leadership.  After a period of preparation under Moses, Joshua emerges to lead the Jewish people into their promised land.

In this part of our website, we will be examining the elements of this effective leadership that led a nation to a higher dimension.  We will be giving many relevant revelations on leadership that are taken from the life of Joshua.  You will find it illuminating, inspiring, and motivating.

Article #21

Nov 11, 2022

The fascinating story of a woman who was protected by God because she protected God’s servants unfolds in Joshua 2. In verse 9, she opens her heart to the two spies, and revealed her reasons for providing them a place of protection.  She said, “I know that God has given you this land.” The amazing implication is that, even though people are trapped in the enemy’s kingdom, they are still conscious of God’s plan for His people.  It is safe to say that there are some people in the enemy’s territory that know of God’s plan more than the people of God.  The next part of her confession was astonishing.  She declared that the Canaanites were fearful and terrorized because of the report of God drying up the Red Sea, and Israel’s slaughter of the Amorites.  The enemy is very conscious of the power of God to deliver and liberate, so, the demons believe and tremble (James 2:19).  Joshua 2:9 states a terror fell on the inhabitants of Canaan. The enemies that thought they would terrorize God’s people found that the tables were reversed because of the obedience of God’s people. My prayer is that every attempt of the enemy to bring terror to your life would be turned around, and these enemies would be terrorized by God’s power.  Let the tables be turned in Jesus’ name!

Article #20

Nov 7, 2022

We are still dealing with the miracle of a harlot called Rahab who was saved in Jericho, and was adopted in the spiritual hall of fame in the New Testament in James 2:25; and became a part in the ancestry line of Jesus.  This one selfless act in doing something to promote God’s cause in defiance of her own national ties brought some of the greatest miracles in her life.  She was an inhabitant of Jericho, living under the rule of the king, yet in this one step toward God, she deliberately broke the ties with this kingdom.  Some have been inhabitants in a land dominated by oppression, depression, and fear and ruled by the king of sin, and now a step must be made.  There must be a breaking with any connection to this kingdom of self or sin and in that moment, there will be a sovereign manifestation of God’s power, and a conquest of the very place that had me bound. Let the ties with Jericho be broken by the power of God and the dominion of the king be loosened.  I now step toward God’s kingdom in obedience and wait for the increase.

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