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The Book of Joshua gives an astonishing account of dynamic and effective leadership.  From the loyalty of the servant Joshua to the royalty of great success.  This book is filled with powerful insights on leadership.  After a period of preparation under Moses, Joshua emerges to lead the Jewish people into their promised land.

In this part of our website, we will be examining the elements of this effective leadership that led a nation to a higher dimension.  We will be giving many relevant revelations on leadership that are taken from the life of Joshua.  You will find it illuminating, inspiring, and motivating.

Article #17

Oct 28, 2022

Joshua 2:1 — “And Joshua the son of Nun sent out of Shittim two men to spy secretly, saying, Go view the land, even Jericho. And they went, and came into an harlot’s house, named Rahab, and lodged there.”

Joshua gives a powerful record of God’s protecting, preserving power. Verse 1 speaks of the two men chosen by Joshua to “view the land, even Jericho”. The logical question is, if God gave them the assurance of victory and the land for inheritance, why go view the land. Joshua had complete confidence in God to lead Israel to victory, as evidenced by his commission to the people. However, this did not indicate they were to close their eyes, plant their feet, and become defensive. When they entered into battle, they had to follow the military strategy, understand the possible implications of the conquest. To view the land was not evidence of unbelief but it showed the responsibility of displaying wise military strategy as to the manner and course of battle and then commit the manner to God. They (the two men) viewed the right place, Jericho, they were together in their mission, and they understood the outcome would be victorious. This is an element that is missing in so many lives, in churches and all over the world. The assurance of victory and blessing does not exclude us from the responsibility of planning, viewing and seeing. If you do what you can, God will do what you can’t. We are now challenged to view, plan and see our responsibility in this victory equation.

Article #16

Oct 24, 2022

I must pursue the analysis of these 2 1⁄2 tribes as they are given a three day delay that could give them a lifetime of blessing. Here they are, poised for victory, positioned for conquest, Egypt behind, astonishing testimonies to the miraculous power of God and God’s word is “Wait”. These tribes would settle for the present, the carnal, and the semblance of prosperity instead of pursuing God’s will. They had much cattle, (Numbers 32:2, 4, 19) the promised land is divinely open and sovereignly conquered, they are willing to fight as Joshua commands in Joshua 1:13-16, but they are not prepared to abandon the strong fascination of this present world. They sold their future for their present, and in doing that, their lives were placed in jeopardy. They saw fertile valleys, grassy hills, plenty for their cattle, but their choice cut them off from the preservation and protection of the Lord. What an indictment on a people who were given victory in verse 14, destined to overcome, and for the satisfaction of flesh they forfeited a future of power and conquest. There are many things that God has planned, cities that are yours, but you must enter them, homes you have not built, but you will inhabit them, cornfields, vineyards, that are yours, but you must possess them. The three day delay was God’s effort to see this fascination of flesh, this dedication to destruction, this struggle for stardom, die. The three days would symbolize death, burial and resurrection. May this be the day that we recognize that God has opened a divine door and waits for us to step in.

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