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The Book of Joshua gives an astonishing account of dynamic and effective leadership.  From the loyalty of the servant Joshua to the royalty of great success.  This book is filled with powerful insights on leadership.  After a period of preparation under Moses, Joshua emerges to lead the Jewish people into their promised land.

In this part of our website, we will be examining the elements of this effective leadership that led a nation to a higher dimension.  We will be giving many relevant revelations on leadership that are taken from the life of Joshua.  You will find it illuminating, inspiring, and motivating.

Article #27

Dec 2, 2022

We are about to come to the end of Rahab’s revelation.  Joshua 2:21 gives a profound Old Testament utterance to New Testament truth.  In response to the instructions given by the two spies to Rahab, she declared, according to your words, so be it.  This is the ultimate affirmation that brings blessing.  I will do what the Word declares, and I do not have to understand it, reason it out, or rationalize it.  I will do it in obedience and wait on the results.  Just think of Rahab’s part in this chapter.  She opposed the king of Jericho; she ushered the spies into an opposite direction away from danger; she displayed the scarlet thread identifying herself with God’s people; she brought her family into her house.  Rahab, the unfortunate reject of Jericho, possessed this mighty faith in the midst of the most perilous circumstances, and became a link in the ancestry of Jesus Christ.  She became a type of all Gentile sinners who can come in to this saving, protecting relationship with God by obedience to His Word.

Article #26

Nov 28, 2022

Joshua 2:18 speaks of the sign of the scarlet thread in the window of Rahab’s house.  Even though she protected God’s servants and knew of God’s power, she had to act in obedience.  When she put the visible sign representing the precious blood, her entire household would be brought to her house for a covering of protection.  What a command!  Bring them from the outside to the inside to be touched by my blessing.  This house, covered by the blood (symbolically), was placed where God’s holy hand was.  Do not leave this house was the command.  She opposed the king of Jericho, she directed the spies the other way, she identified her life with Israel through the scarlet thread, and her family was blessed with safety because of her act of worship to the Lord.  What a testimony of a lost woman in a corrupt society that reached out to God in obedience, and her destiny was changed.  In the New Testament, there is another blood-covered house in Hebrews 3:6.  In this house, we are covered and protected by the precious blood.  The command is to bring our families and our friends into this house of safety.

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