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Sherlock Bally has been an ordained minister for over forty-three years. He attended Southern Bible College in Houston, Texas and did post-graduate studies at Luther Rice Seminary and International Bible Seminary. After attending college, Sherlock went to Trinidad, where he was born, and pastored the church where he was saved. For fourteen years in Trinidad, his duties included the pastorate of a growing church, a nationally televised program and a radio ministry reaching most of the Caribbean.

He was held hostage by fanatical Islamic adherents in 1990 and was miraculously delivered. His call to the nations led to a move back to the United States and from 1990 to 2009 he has made over 80 overseas trips in crusades and conventions. He has appeared on the Trinity Broadcasting Network on several occasions, and makes several television and radio appearances. He has ministered with Hal Lindsey, Jack Van Impe, Grant Jeffrey, Perry Stone, Morris Cerullo and many others. God has gifted Sherlock in the revelation of end time prophecy and the subsequent application of prophetic truth to personal life. His passion is to see the lost saved, saved sent and the sent empowered. He understands the primacy of the local church and the paramount position of the pastor in these days of harvest. He believes that this is the season of reclamation, restoration, and restitution.

Sherlock carries a powerful evangelistic anointing and thousands are saved in this country every year in his meetings. He is anointed to identify the attack of the enemy in everyday situations and arm believers with weapons of faith to win in the combat zone.

Sherlock see Israel as a vital part of the prophetic fabric of scripture and the epicenter of Bible Prophecy.  His stand for the Nation, the people and the City is well known in America and in the Nation of Israel.  This ministry is also involved with the Army of Israel and the Border Patrol.  We build leisure rooms for the soldiers in different Army Bases so that these teenage soldiers would have a place of relaxation.

Sherlock travels with former members and current members of the Israeli Parliament speaking of the vital importance of taking a stand for the Nation of Israel.  He speaks with them to Prime Ministers, Presidents and political leaders about Israel’s importance Biblically and the blessings of the Abrahamic Covenant that changes the course of Nations and Empires according to recorded history.  This is one of Sherlock’s great passions in ministry.  We must prophetically affect Nations by the Word of the Almighty God.  He has travelled with these dignitaries to several Nations and will continue to do so.

As of 2022, he has authored fifteen books and seven manuals and believes in the vital educational aspect of ministry. Sherlock has been given unique insight on many subjects in the Word of God and presents these revelations with the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  His word is relevant, sharp, edifying and transforming.

As of June 2022, Sherlock taught the Book of Revelation verse by verse, which constitutes 40 hours of teaching, with over 600 pages of notes.  North Carolina College of Theology and North Carolina Bible Institute has formally adopted the course into their curriculum.  North Carolina Bible Institute offers this course as a doctoral degree program.  This is an astonishing breakthrough where Sherlock is able to reach many defining God’s prophetic purpose, showing God’s news behind the news, and showing the unveiling of Christ through the book of Revelation in our world today.

He is also called mentor by several Pastors and has meetings of impartation and education with these great men and women of God.  Sherlock believes that a great move of the Almighty God precedes the rapture of the Church and this is evident in his meetings around the world as many would testify

As of 2022, Sherlock and his dear wife Renee’ have been married for 47 years and they are the parents to Rachel and Micah.

Dr. Sherlock Bally

Ministry Beliefs and Focus

  • Sherlock believes that these are the days of Elijah according to Luke 1:17. He believes that Ahabs must run for cover, false prophets will bow to the fire of God’s power and rain will fall on nations. This is the sequence of 1 Kings 17 and this is happening again. 
  • Sherlock sees the importance of the local church in this time of harvest and the unprecedented position of the pastor. Ecclesiastes 3:15 is a mandate for this hour. God requires that which is past. Pentecost began with cities being shaken and nations taken. Pentecost will consummate at the rapture with this city shaking, nation taking anointing.
  • Sherlock believes that the Abrahamic Covenant of Genesis 12 must be understood and applied. We stand with Israel, we love and comfort the Jewish people and we declare that Jerusalem is the eternal and undivided capital. He sees a restoration of this union between Israel and the church as completion. As we bless Israel, God will bless us.
  • Sherlock sees the restoration of apostolic principle that will bring apostolic power to our churches and countries.
  • Sherlock believes in the harvest of souls in these days of opportunity. Pastors from around this nation and the world speak of the thousands of souls that have been born into the Kingdom under Sherlock’s ministry. His passion to see the lost saved is fervent and forceful. Along with this is his heart for the Pastor and leadership. He does several leadership meetings around the country concerning church order, church government, and the position that leadership must maintain to headship. He also believes the message of the coming of the Lord is of vital importance to the well-being and focusing of the church.
  • Many pastors testify of the blessing of the leadership seminars that has helped in the refocusing of leadership and the prioritizing of spiritual life. We must reach the lost; educate the saved to launch into the harvest.
  • Sherlock believes that the end-time move is characterized by Malachi 4, Luke 1 and Mark 9. These speak of turning the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers. It is a familial revival of heavenly proportions where households are touched and saved. We must reclaim our families, our sons, daughters, fathers and mothers.

Sherlock Bally Ministries — Bixby, Oklahoma, USA

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