Revelation Revealed Course

A Doctoral Program

Taught by Dr. Sherlock Bally

The Revelation Revealed Course is a Doctorate Program offered through the accredited North Carolina Bible Institute.  Participants will have have a chance to earn a Doctorate of Eschatology.

A verse-by-verse teaching of the Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation is not the revelation of the Anti-Christ or Mystery Babylon or the mark of the Beast.  It is the revelation of JESUS CHRIST.  Christ is being unveiled in sovereignty and supremacy to the world.

The study of this course will give you the unveiling of Christ,

an understanding of prophetic events preceding the second coming of

Christ and the ability to see and declare “God’s news behind the news”.




the part of theology concerned with death, judgment, and the final destiny of the soul and of humankind.

The Book of Revelation gives the consummate unveiling of Jesus.

Chapter 1:

Chapters 2 & 3:

Chapters 4 & 5:

Chapters 6 – 19:10:

Chapter 19:10-21:

Chapter 20:

Chapters 21 & 22:

Jesus revealed as He was.

Jesus revealed to the earthly church.

Jesus revealed in the Throne Room.

Jesus revealed to the cosmos or the nations.

Jesus revealed in conquest at The Battle of Armageddon.

Jesus revealed in the Millennium

Jesus revealed in consummation or in The New Jerusalem.

Why Study the Book of Revelation?

  • The Book of Revelation is an unveiling of a sequence of prophetic events before The Coming of Christ.
  • The Book of Revelation is tomorrow’s newspaper and it is history written in advance.  It shows GOD’S NEWS BEHIND THE NEWS.
  • A special blessing is given to those that read, hear and keep the words of this book.
  • This book contains almost every doctrine of the Bible, so it is not only prophetic, it is intensely doctrinal.
  • This book reveals Christ as He will be, The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords when He unclenches the fist of Gentile rebellion in Revelation 19.
  • This is not a book of doom and gloom, it is a book of victory, conquest and coronation.

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