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The Book of Joshua gives an astonishing account of dynamic and effective leadership.  From the loyalty of the servant Joshua to the royalty of great success.  This book is filled with powerful insights on leadership.  After a period of preparation under Moses, Joshua emerges to lead the Jewish people into their promised land.

In this part of our website, we will be examining the elements of this effective leadership that led a nation to a higher dimension.  We will be giving many relevant revelations on leadership that are taken from the life of Joshua.  You will find it illuminating, inspiring, and motivating.

Article #15

Oct 21, 2022

Every man has the right to choose the level on which he will live. This is one of the lessons that God must teach us before we enter into battle. God was giving these people one more chance to change their position from convenience to conquest.  In Numbers 32, which is a reference to this delay, Joshua instructed these tribes to go into battle and lead the army into Canaan.  Can you imagine God with His unparalleled mercy, giving these tribes another chance to become what they could become? Here is the undiscouraged love of God as He pursues those who submit their lives to the attack of the enemy by living a lifestyle of convenience and compromise. This was the purpose of these tribes leading the battle. Maybe, when they saw the victory and the sovereignty of God was displayed when the walls fell, they would change their mind and follow the Lord fully. If they tasted this victory, they would desire to have more of it and pursue the plan and the presence of God. What a demonstration of the mercy and love of God to those who choose the life of least resistance. To those who have settled into a life of easiness where there is none or little sense of responsibility, God gives a chance to move into His perfect plan.

Article #14

Oct 17, 2022

Joshua 1:10, 11 — “Then Joshua commanded the officers of the people, saying, pass through the host, and command the people, saying, prepare your victuals; for within three days ye shall pass over this Jordan, to go in to possess the land, which the Lord your God giveth you to possess it.”

The children of Israel are now in a three day delay that is commanded by God. God’s delays are not denials. This is a delay with a sovereign purpose. During this time, two and one-half tribes were singled out, Reuben, Gad and one-half the tribe of Manasseh. The lessons that are illustrated here are vital to the conquering of the land that is before them. The children of Israel have now come to the portion of land which is fertile, and there are tremendous expanses of land for the grazing of their flocks. As the preparations are being made to go into Canaan, these tribes decide that they would rather stay here on the east side of Jordan because of its convenience, its wealth and there is no demand for battle. There are always those who will be content with the average because of the lack of demand on their time and talent and will not desire to pursue the fullness of the plan of God. Their statement was “it will be easier for us on this side”. Numbers 32:1 states that these tribes were wealthy and they declared that this place is good for cattle. They lost the vision of their future because their eyes were on the present. This is a temptation that must be overcome because in settling for less than God’s plan, we open ourselves to the attacks of the enemy. May we never settle for what is around us because it is convenient to my flesh, but may we pursue the plan of God and rest in His will.

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