“We cannot create the remnant, but we can refocus the remnant!”


Malachi 4:5,6; Mark 9:12; Luke 1:17 all teach that Elijah will return.  Luke teaches the Spirit of Elijah has come.  God has chosen Elijah to be a prototype, an example of an end-time mission and an end-time purpose.  Elijah’s life becomes an illustration of God’s pattern for your life.  His rapid prophetic emergence of power and boldness before Ahab now becomes life lessons for you.  Cherith, Zerepath, and Carmel becomes a prophetic pattern for your life.  He turns the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers.  The last move of God has to do with fathers and children, which represents familial revival, restoration, and restitution. 


Malachi 4:6 states that if Elijah does not come and turn the hearts then God will smite the earth with a curse.  The astonishing indication is clear and that is if there is not a move with fathers and children, a curse will come upon the earth.  The attack of the devil on fatherhood is now unveiled as a major strategy to destroy the entire fabric of society.  Societal chaos can be traced to these tremendous attacks on fatherhood.  If there is no fatherhood then there would be no sonship.  The Scripture declares that you have many instructors but few fathers.  Instructors will give you matters of information;fathers will give formation.  I know that many have stereo-typed the move of God and made it predictable but the greatest need today remains the need for fathers to assume their God-given position.

This prophetic move, this spirit of Elijah move of God will touch the hearts of fathers and sons.  When others are looking for a replay of the move of God as it was in the past years, this present, different move, this restoration is one that is of vital relevance to our lives today.

The scripture teaching that this end-time move has to do with the families, whether it is the family of God, the family unit, or the church family is amazing.  One of the things that are overlooked is that this involves the turning of the hearts.  There can be no lasting change if the hearts of people are not affected and turned around.  The indication is that the heart is in the wrong place and it needs to be turned.  The scripture declares, “Out of the heart are the issues of life.”  So, if the issues of life are messed up, the heart is messed up.  Only Almighty God has the power to reach deep into the heart.  So, this turn around must be brought about by the move of God.  

There must be a turning because things have gone in the wrong direction and the turning must be related to the heart.  A resolution, often made at the turn of the New Year, endeavors to change action, but unless the heart is changed, there will be no change.  The move of God goes deeper than any reason, strength of will or intellect can go.  Resolutions will not bring a transformation.  This move of God goes past the mind and the emotions and turns the innermost part of your being.  If the heart is not touched and changed, then actions cannot be changed.  So the move of God goes deeper than any reason, strength of will or intellect can go, creating transformation from deep within the heart.

If there is not a heart change, there is not a life change.  All that is left is an intellectual, mental acceptance of spiritual things which brings no permanent change.  It is purely surface and superficial and has no substance.  SO many are living lives of great information and their desire is always to receive more teaching, more knowledge.  They are ever learning and never coming to knowledge.  There is no transformation of life and no formation of life.  There is form but no force; profession but no possession.  Their lives are zeroed in on pleasing others and speaking from a purely mental perspective.

Information that does not lead to transformation brings consternation.  There is a temptation to live in a sub-standard spiritual life that has nothing to do with the depths of heart change.  It involves no responsibility and very little accountability.  This is not the kind of life that we see Elijah living.  He was the prophet of deeds so we the realm of demonstration of the power of Almighty God, because out of this heart are the issues of life.  The right heart produces right living and this is the move that is produced by the Spirit of Elijah.  There must be a turning point and it must begin in the heart, in the inner man.  Our Lord really is the King of Hearts.


The Turning Points

It is again of vital importance to understand the character of Elijah, the process he went through, the extent of his mission because it all forms a prophetic pattern.  Malachi 4:6 begins with, “He shall turn the hearts,” so his was a mission of turning hearts.  The mission was related to fathers and children.  He will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and children to the fathers.  Think about the impact on the entire world if children and fathers were in the proper relationship.  What percentage of the trauma of our society would be eliminated if fathers and children were in right standing?  So included in this mission of Elijah are turning points in families.

I would like to present a thought on this familial restoration.  We know that when Elijah comes during the tribulation period, he will turn hearts of the people of Israel to the Father, to Almighty God.  Think about God the Father, turning His heart to His people and His people turning their hearts to the Father.  Then think of the spiritual Father in the church, the pastor turning his heart to the children and then the church people turning their hearts to the spiritual father.

Think of the tremendous impact of these three operations in relation to the fathers and children.  Family units are being devastated by the absence of fatherly love and guidance.  Children emerge with rebellion, and chaos because of the lack of fatherly authority and guidance.  Look at the hopelessness of so many of your generation and much of it can be attributed to fatherless homes.  I find it fascinating that 2,500 years ago the state of today’s world was revealed.

Today, young men and women are strewn on the rocks of fatherless homes.  Single mothers are now very common, the single parent homes have become a part of society.  The family unit has been beaten and battered and this attack has caused a great disintegration.  The spirit of Elijah, this prophetic move, Thank God, has to do with the revival and restoration of the family.

Look at the condition of church life in general and see the lack of submission to pastoral authority and the lack of true discipleship in the church.  This has led, generally speaking, to a church where people are absorbed by other interests and have not fulfilled the great commission.  Most of the Christians of today have never won a soul and have no interest in being involved in personal evangelism.  There is none or very little impartation from pastor to people so there is very little multiplication of disciples in the house of God.  Once again, the great problem here is solved when the spiritual father turns his heart to the spiritual father.  Think of what will happen when Almighty God turns His heart to Israel and then Israel turns its heart to the Father.  Yes, their ultimate Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement would arrive.  This mission of Elijah to turn the hearts of the Father to children and children to the Fathers will bring restoration or a move of God in a way that is revolutionary.

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